Repurposed Tableau

A few months ago, I fell into a mine of sewing treadles. A friend who owns a vintage store found a plethora of the things and was willing to let them go at a very, very reasonable price, mostly because she had no room for them and she had no idea what to do with them. Lucky me!!! I was elated until I saw them all in the backyard standing around like leftover skeletons from a cyborg war.

To be honest, they looked rather awesome like that.

But I didn’t want a post-apocalyptic warscape in my backyard. So I lined them up and began to plan what to do with each one. In the end, all but one were going to be table bases (the last was going in the garden to hold an old basin with flowers). And so, I started with paint stripper to remove the old paint, then rust remover and a wire brush. Once my whining and crying and drying was done, I primed them with rust proofing primer. My favorite to use is automotive primer, because it’s designed for metal and the spray paint adheres better. Sometimes it is all I use, because it’s a matte black and looks great on metal items. But I want the treadles to stand out, so I used different colors depending on the setting. The one I use for my vanity is a rose copper color. It’s so feminine!!! The one in the guest bedroom is a pearly color.

This is the one in the living room. I used Rust-Oleum Heirloom White, my go-to, when-in-doubt color. The tabletop I got for free in a garbage pile. I stripped the old stain off and applied a couple of coats of Minwax Polycrylic to seal it. The lamp is an antique I found for a dollar at the thrift store. I didn’t care for the brass stem, so I spray painted it in a rose copper. The architectural findings I literally found in a pile of rubble at an old house that was being torn down. That gorgeous teal green vase I got at Ikea after I saw it on an episode of Property Brothers.

I can’t rely on thrift stores for everything.

Anyway, I hope this has inspired you to rethink old things and make them new again. My vintage store friend liked them so much that she commissioned me to do two more. But those are for her. Not for me. For her.

I have to keep telling myself that 😉

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Trash is My Kryptonite

And I mean that in the coolest way possible.

A few weeks ago, I was driving through the neighborhood next to mine when my eye was caught by a stubby leg sticking out of a trash heap. It was a plant stand. I snagged it, thinking to use the spindles for some other project. Upon inspection, it only needed a few new screws and some wood filler to make it sturdy again.


I love the spindles. They give it such character. I was tempted to use a simple whitewash and distress it, but decided to use chalk paint in a light turquoise color, because I want it to stand out. I have to admit, most of the pieces I flip I redo as statement pieces (the red and gold accent table comes to mind), because they are small. If this had been a shelf unit of a dresser, I would have whitewashed and distressed to make it blend into the background.

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Rusty to Refined

A few weeks ago I was picking up some chalk paint at a lovely antique place, when my wandering magpie eyes were caught by a lovely iron gate fragment.


It had a lovely patina, but it was very rusty and the green paint all flaky and chippy. It was a lovely piece to hang on a wall, but mindful of lead paint, I had to try and sand it as much as I could before cleaning and sealing it.

This is where the comedy of errors began.

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