Different Redo

I am in a frenzy to redo and flip a lot of my garage stuff because a friend would like to see about taking it on consignment. Her stuff is more vintage and shabby chic than mine, but she is willing to entertain the idea of my eclectic style. Here’s hoping!

Two weeks ago, I found an old night table at the thrift store. It was only $10, but it was solid wood. I looked it over and figured the dents and scratches would stand out if I went in a shabby direction, so I snagged it.


See the dings and dents? I didn’t worry too much over them, since I was going to distress the piece after I painted it. I did three coats of Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg and then distressed it with sandpaper. I sealed it in dark wax, and then went back and removed the extra dark wax with clear wax.


You can enlarge the photo so you can see the distressing. I also painted the inside of the drawer in Old White. It came out so pretty. I love the color for bed and bath, and I think this is a nice piece for either room. I can even see it in a living area, with a comfy reading chair and a bunch of books inside.

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Trash is My Kryptonite

And I mean that in the coolest way possible.

A few weeks ago, I was driving through the neighborhood next to mine when my eye was caught by a stubby leg sticking out of a trash heap. It was a plant stand. I snagged it, thinking to use the spindles for some other project. Upon inspection, it only needed a few new screws and some wood filler to make it sturdy again.


I love the spindles. They give it such character. I was tempted to use a simple whitewash and distress it, but decided to use chalk paint in a light turquoise color, because I want it to stand out. I have to admit, most of the pieces I flip I redo as statement pieces (the red and gold accent table comes to mind), because they are small. If this had been a shelf unit of a dresser, I would have whitewashed and distressed to make it blend into the background.

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Total Telephone Table Transformation

Try saying that really fast!

Not long ago, I got a call from the local thrift store (AKA my “dealer”) about a vintage telephone table he received. I hightailed it over there and turned out he had two of them. As much as I want all the thrift things, I picked the more stable of the two to redo. I had seen several telephone tables flipped on my fave TV show, so I was a bit familiar with the process.

telephone table before

Forgive the mess, but it’s my garage and the only place for me to work. The table had a piece of wood veneer that curved around both table tops to conceal any telephone books placed on the lower section.


But I hated it and took it off. I used some wood filler, then sanded, and sanded, and sanded some more, cleaned it up, and primed it.

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A Table to Flip

But not in anger, I assure you. I have really, REALLY enjoyed using chalk paint lately. So much so that every single frame in the house is looking like a viable candidate for a makeover. Instead, I decided to try my hand at furniture, as you saw from the previous blog post. This time I went in a different direction, using vibrant color and glaze to update a decrepit old Florentine table that had seen better days, way back in the 50’s most likely.


I found her at a thrift shop for about $20, and just had to have her. Her lines were perfect. The gilt was flaking off and it had several scrapes and scratches, but nothing that sanding wouldn’t repair.


Those legs are soooooo sexy, no? But as much as I liked the flaky gilt, it had to go. The restoration would have been fruitless considering the damage:


A friend has a liking for the Far East, so I thought this would make a nice addition for his man cave. Sure, the table screams GIRL!!! but the right color and treatment will make it scream EMPRESS.

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Fun With Chalk Paint

Some of y’all who read Sithy Things know I have been on a crafting/upcycling binge. I should be posting my projects, but most are for Christmas gifts so I can’t. I hope to post my Christmas ornament soon, though. It’s easy to make and so pretty!

Anyway, I decided to explore the wonderful world of chalk paint. I have used it on small projects like frames and even vases, but I really wanted to try it on furniture. Unfortunately, all of the furniture I have collected is in really good condition, so I was loathe to cover any of it with paint. But finally I got lucky, and found a cheap little table on which to work chalk paint magic.

And it was so easy!!!!!

WIN_20151110_141129 (2)

That’s the table before the transformation. It is particle board and veneer, and also has a decorative drawer pull in 80’s brass. It wasn’t bad but the veneer was beginning to chip.And here is the after:


Isn’t she a beauty???

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in Paris Grey for the legs and Graphite for the top. I painted three coats of each and let it cure for a day. I then followed with an application of clear wax, buffed and let dry for a day, before doing an application of dark wax to enhance the graphite and age the grey. Then I used Rust-Oleum™ spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze on the drawer pull. And all I did was follow the directions on the paint cans.


A better photo of the top. It looks a slate blue in the photo, but it’s a beautiful dark grey as it is. The dark wax brings the color to a very soft black.

Chalk paint is very forgiving and best of all, you don’t need to do a lot of prep to use it. No sanding or priming is necessary. All you need to do is clean the item you wish to paint well, and go from there. I splurged on the paint, but there are lots of recipes for homemade chalk paint on Pinterest that are far more thrifty and enable you to use any leftover interior paint you may have laying around.

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