A Chair Named Gilda

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of giving an old vanity bench a makeover.

Ok, I started this bench months ago, but wasn’t motivated to finish it because I couldn’t decide on upholstery for the cushion. Enter my friend who loved the size of the bench and asked for something “girlie” for her daughter. She opted for a fuzzy fabric resembling a poodle’s fur. It was a nightmare to deal with because it is not very opaque, so I had to cover the bright green foam cushion before I could upholster it, and also because cutting it meant a ton of fluff flying around the house competing with the vast amount of dog hair.

I have yet to figure out how it got in my socks.

Anyway, I was left with a scrap of poodle hide and was sorely tempted to toss it. Actually went so far as to put it in a bag and tied it up and put it out in the trash bin. But my conscience was nagging at me. I hate, hate tossing anything out that can be of use later, even as a cleaning rag. So… I dug it back out and put it in the scrap basket thinking to use it later in a pillow, or as a hairshirt. And as I was walking outside to organize all of my spray paint, I saw the cane back chair and an idea was born. Meet Gilda!!

Isn’t she just glamorous?? I sanded and sprayed two coats of primer, and then two coats of Rust-Oleum 2X in Metallic Bright Gold. One of the two scraps I had left of the poodle hide was just big enough to cover the seat, which meant NO CUTTING OR SHEARING!!! I chalked up the win.

Yes, she is very shiny, and very updated. She isn’t to everyone’s taste, but as a statement piece she just screams, “Here I am! Look at me!! Looooove me!!!

See the fluff? So glad I am down to one piece and don’t need to ever cut it again. From now on, I will only upholster in regular fabric, no fur allowed. Unless a customer asks for it. Then I put a premium on it!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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