From Drawer to Decor

A few months back, I found an old sewing machine at an antique store. The machine and stand were in excellent shape, as were the drawers. But the table was beyond repair. I repurposed the stand into a glass-topped table, and shined up the sewing machine to display. But the drawers were stumping me. I thought of a recipe box, or a make-up station, but nothing seemed to fit in my head. Until I looked at it from a different perspective and placed it on the wall.


For this project, I used:

  • sewing machine drawer (or similar)
  • old music sheets
  • Modge Podge™
  • glass jars or vases
  • E-6000™
  • embellishments such as doilies, flowers, pebbles for the vase, etc.

First thing I did after wiping all the dirty and grease off was to give it a shine with Old English scratch cover. It revived the wood beautifully. Also, I added a bar to the back so I could hang it on the wall. Next, I prepped the inside with Modge Podge and adhered a sheet of old music I cut to fit to the back and sides. You have to be sure to apply a very thin layer of the glue, otherwise the paper will bubble and look a hot mess and you will spend a lot of time pressing the bubbles out.

After the paper is dry, seal again with a thin layer of the glue if you wish. Once that step is dry, you can now adhere the embellishments, working from the inside to the outside. so add stuff to the back first, let that dry, and then add the next embellishments to the sides, etc. the last item to adhere is the jar or vase.


I wanted to add the doily under the jar, but it was too wide so I skipped it. Once everything is set, you can add the last of the bling to finish the look.


And there you have it: a hanging vase. Yes, that is cotton in the blue Ball™ jar. I’m not too fond of the pebbles, but they will do until I find some more rustic for this piece.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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