Renewed Relic

My grandmother had a beautiful vanity made from mahogany. It had a very large round mirror and a set of drawers on either side of the small vanity chair. I loved it, and have wanted one similar for a very long time. Unfortunately the ones I have come across tend to be very pricey or have been painted. Fortunately, a few weeks ago I came across a piece that was similar in shape to my grandmother’s vanity. It was just one set of the drawers and very cheap, but it had enough space to store my unmentionables while being small enough in profile to fit in my closet.


You can see the sad state it was in. I must have found at least 50 spider sacs and insect carcasses in the drawers and inside the cabinet, not to mention years of grime and dirt. The veneer was very rough and the knobs didn’t match, though one of the knobs was made of bakelite and I shall be using it in another project.

I took to sanding it in three different grades, then literally hosing it down to get rid of every speck of dirt and veneer. Once it finished drying in the sun, I waited until it cooled to do three coats of paint in Annie Sloan’s Emile.


It is a beautiful lavender purple!! After the last coat dried, I applied clear wax and buffed to a sheen.


The inside of the drawers was painted in Paris Grey, and lined with some vintage sheet music I found in a thrift store. Mendelssohn’s Concerto in G Minor, Op. 25, to be precise. Finally, I bought some new knobs at the home improvement store for use with the drawers. I’m not too crazy about them but they will do until I find some vintage ones to complement the piece. Now that I see how pretty this color is, I want to paint all the things!!

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