Trash is My Kryptonite

And I mean that in the coolest way possible.

A few weeks ago, I was driving through the neighborhood next to mine when my eye was caught by a stubby leg sticking out of a trash heap. It was a plant stand. I snagged it, thinking to use the spindles for some other project. Upon inspection, it only needed a few new screws and some wood filler to make it sturdy again.


I love the spindles. They give it such character. I was tempted to use a simple whitewash and distress it, but decided to use chalk paint in a light turquoise color, because I want it to stand out. I have to admit, most of the pieces I flip I redo as statement pieces (the red and gold accent table comes to mind), because they are small. If this had been a shelf unit of a dresser, I would have whitewashed and distressed to make it blend into the background.

This was an easy flip. After sanding and cleaning, I applied three coats of ASCP™ in Provençe, then a coat of clear wax, buffed to a shine. Once the wax was dry, about a day or so, I applied a silver glaze by Martha Stewart called Mercury (which I am aggrieved that is no longer available) to both upper and lower stand edges and the legs.


Isn’t she pretty?? The sheen on the spindles is from the buffed wax, but the edge is shiny from the glaze.


I do love how the silvery glaze gives the curved edge dimension. And now you have proof that trash is treasure. You just have to give it a shine.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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