Total Telephone Table Transformation

Try saying that really fast!

Not long ago, I got a call from the local thrift store (AKA my “dealer”) about a vintage telephone table he received. I hightailed it over there and turned out he had two of them. As much as I want all the thrift things, I picked the more stable of the two to redo. I had seen several telephone tables flipped on my fave TV show, so I was a bit familiar with the process.

telephone table before

Forgive the mess, but it’s my garage and the only place for me to work. The table had a piece of wood veneer that curved around both table tops to conceal any telephone books placed on the lower section.


But I hated it and took it off. I used some wood filler, then sanded, and sanded, and sanded some more, cleaned it up, and primed it.

telephone table after

Voilá!! I used Krylon™ Spray Paint in “Bright Idea” (two cans), clear gloss sealer, reupholstered the seat in a Waverly™ duck fabric, and used upholstery tack ribbon around the edges. The blue pattern in the fabric has a light yellow trim around it, so it compliments the paint nicely. The upholstery tack comes in a spool and it saved me a ton of aggravation. I had a few paint drips that had to be resanded, and some spots that decided to be uncooperative, so there are some flaws but nothing very noticeable. All in all, it was a neat transformation that I hope someone will appreciate and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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