My $60 Fireplace Wall Makeover

Y’all know by now I am a fan of upcycling and thrift stores and basically picking up trash and trying to make it into treasure. It keeps me happy and doesn’t cost a lot of money, so everyone wins all around.

I have been struggling with my fireplace for about….oh…. seven years? The brick is a rather blah tan color, and the mantel is a bleh builder’s grade cream gloss. I have been trying to convince Hubby to let me paint the brick and mantel, and may just be able to do it before the holidays. Maybe. Jury is still out. But until then, I think I’m satisfied enough with it.


Before, I had a large artistic rendition of an orchid in greens and reds, and tried for YEARS to play off those colors, trying to hide the blandness of the brick. I was going to make a version of a composite mirror to go above the mantel, until I spied with my little eye a beautiful antique frame for $30 at one of my favorite thrift stores. I snagged that sucker and repaired the loose plaster and stained the repairs with umber wax, trying to think of a place for it. I placed it on the mantel, right next to my pro-flowers vases, and an idea was born.


I found some cotton ball sprigs on sale for $7 and thought they would take away some of the harshness of the mirrored vases. I found the antique mercury glass vase for $1 and the peony silk flowers were 60% off at Michael’s, so that was an additional $3. The bookpage wreath I made with a paperback and a foam wreath (also on sale for 60% off, so about $1.50), and adapted from this tutorial. Word of warning: if you decide to make it, please wear a thimble. You will thank me later.


That sewing machine? I got the whole thing for $40, but since I am using the stand and the drawers for something else, the cost breakdown is about $14. Everything else in the photos I already owned and had laying somewhere around the house.

I decided if you can’t beat them, then join them. Instead of trying to hide the blandness of the brick and paint, I decided to play off the colors instead. Considering the orchid artwork cost me $60 seven years ago, I think I did pretty well 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

PS– the item next to the mirrored vase on the left is another thrifted frame I repainted. I was just an idiot and didn’t see it when I took the pics in mediocre lighting because my kid fell asleep on the sofa last night.


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