Yet Another Felt Flower Tutorial

Because you can never have enough felt flowers. Trust me on this.

I ❤ Pinterest. I get a lot of ideas from that site. Sometimes though, I find that an idea or “craft” featured has no tutorial available. It’s rare, but it happens. I have this jones for making felt flowers, and I found one felt flower on a board that looked soooo pretty and easy to do. But alas, it has no tutorial. Time to make my own.

felt circles

What you’ll need:

  • One sheet of felt cut into circles of varying sizes (thirteen large, twelve smaller)
  • Hot glue
  • Button or earring for center

I used 1 inch and 2 inch cookie cutters to make my circles. Take one of the large circles and “dissect” into six wedges with your pen. Don’t worry about using ink since that will be the base of the flower. Now, take a large circle, fold in half, and glue just the bottom seams, like so:

gluing circle

Do this to all the circles but the dissected one. After all circles are done, begin gluing six large ones to the dissected circle in a pinwheel pattern. Use the ink lines to align the straight edge of each “petal”.

felt pinwheel

You can see the lines I drew in wedges (squint hard!). Glue the first set of petals away from the center and with space in between each, as shown. Now proceed to glue the next six large petals a bit closer to the center, and in between each petal on the first layer to cover up the spaces.

second felt pinwheel

Don’t worry about the glue “webbing” since you can pull that off later. Now take six smaller petals and proceed to glue down between each of the second layer petals, and do the same to the second set of small petals, making pinwheels. Once you are done gluing the petals down, take a button or orphaned earring and glue in the center. When done, adhere the flower to a canvas and Voilá!!

felt flower canvas

I chose to wrap the canvas in fabric, but you can use a burlap canvas or paint it, or leave as is. I just love the dimension it has!

flower canvas 2

Now, you can either use the flower for decor, or for a brooch, or a purse accent, etc. My Little One liked it so much she is using one for her Homecoming mum this year, and I made another to wear as a brooch. For my brooch I made the last set of petals cut from quarter-sized circles so they could stand out a bit better.

blue flower pin

And there you go, yet another felt flower for y’all to make. By using smaller circles you can use them on a wreath or on hair accessories as well. Which is something Little One has told me I should also do for her. It never ends.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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