Going For Glam

I have noticed a trend on design sites lately. Gold is making a comeback, and a big one at that. Last year it was mercury glass, and this year is soft, glowing GOLD! I have a stash of wine and liquor bottles in the garage that I have been saving to decorate with my brother’s girlfriend, who is a crafting wizard. No, I don’t need an intervention. I have been saving the bottles for a couple of years, people.

Stop judging me!

Anyway, I decided that while my Aggies were being massacred by Alabama’s Crimson Tide, I would do some crafting instead of crying. So I got some of the more interesting shaped bottles and some old vases that didn’t go with anything, and grabbed spray paint, ribbon, burlap, flowers, and hot glue gun and got to work.

bottles and vases

What you’ll need:

  • Random bottles, vases, or containers.
  • Spray paint in your choice or color(s).
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Embellishments of your choice, like ribbon, fabric, twine, burlap, flowers, etc.
  • Hot glue gun, or whichever kind of glue you prefer.

First, clean your vases and remove any labels or stickers. Dry well, and follow with wiping down with rubbing alcohol. You don’t want any fingerprints, adhesive, or dust before you apply the paint. Next, outside or in a well-ventilated are, proceed to spray paint your bottles in very light coats so as to prevent dripping. You want a smooth coat of paint.

gold bottles

Ooooooh….. SHINY!!! Now, you can certainly stop here and do what I did last year with my mercury glass bottles and cluster them on a mantel of table for effect. Truthfully I was tempted to do just that and fill the spaces with the pumpkins, but then I decided to go country glam instead. For this next step I prefer to use hot glue since it dries very quickly, but you can use E-6000™ fast dry glue or whatever you are comfortable using. Just keep in mind drying time if you are using heavy embellishments. All you have to do is wrap ribbon or burlap strip around the bottle and glue in place, lining up the edges. After that, add flowers or buttons or whatever you like. Keep adding until you achieved the look you want.

finished golden bottles

All in all, this project didn’t cost me much, since I had the spray paint (about $6 a can), burlap ribbon ($4-$10 depending on type), and made the flowers from muslin and felt I had on hand. The gardenia felt flower on the medium bottle took the longest of all items to make, but you can find prefab flowers pretty much everywhere. This is a nice way to update those flower delivery vases, or even dollar store vases for a custom look in your decor.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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