Christmas in a Bottle

A few days ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Marilla, posted the most adorable snowglobes made from Mason jars. I loved them so much, I made four for the mantel to display between the stocking hangers. But it just wasn’t enough. I wanted MORE SNOWGLOBES!!! The problem was finding a place for them.

So then I looked at my tree.

And decided to make ornaments instead!

ornament supplies

You’ll need:

  • glass bottles or jars
  • fake snow (obviously)
  • bottle brush trees of different sizes
  • pliers
  • jute (not pictured)
  • glue
  • jingle bells (optional)

First, make sure your jar or bottle is clean and dry. While your lid is still screwed on the bottle, take a hammer and a screwdriver (I’m not a professional, and did wear glasses just in case!), centering the screwdriver in the middle of the cap, and tap a few times firmly but not too hard, for the glass may break. You want to pierce a hole into the lid. This works best with metal lids that have had their cardboard liner removed. If you try to do this with the lid removed, you may end up denting the lid too much.

hole in lid

Remember: gently but firmly. Also helps if some brave soul is holding the bottle!

Next, take a bottle brush tree, and apply some glue on the bottom. I used Beacon’s 3-in-1, but you can use Gorilla Glue™ or E-6000™, as long as it sets well.

tree in jar

Insert the tree through the bottle using the pliers, and position in the middle of the jar. Let dry a bit while you work on the next step.

threading lid

Thread the jute through the hole in the lid. If you wish to thread a jingle bell, do so before you thread the lid. Once you have both ends of the jute, tie a knot at the desired drop length, and cut the remainder jute. The knot will not slip through the lid. Once done, add some fake snow to the jar, just enough to cover the base of the tree. Then screw the lid on tightly and hang on the tree!

jar ornaments

I made a few in different sizes, and used glitter as well. They look so pretty in the tree, especially with twinkling lights reflecting off the “snow”. Most of the bottles I used were spice bottles, but jam jars would work as well. And you can use anything, not just trees. Shells and sand would be lovely, too.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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