Steampunk Christmas

Last September, I went to Michael’s and found some papier machê Christmas tree forms that were just screaming at me to be altered. So I got one of each size and had them standing around my craft area until the mood got around to striking. At first, I thought of doing some Victoriana decorations for them. But then I saw all of my industrial crap laying everywhere, and if y’all know me, you knew this was going to happen.

steampunk trees


I am nothing if not unconventional.

For the small tree, I simply used Distress Paint™ in brass, applying several coats. Then I glued a flourish I had painted in black, and attached felt flowers and leaves. The “star” is a cog held straight by a Idea-ology™ memo stick pin. Also I hung a 7Gypsies™ dangling charm from it.

The medium tree took the longest. I covered the tree in multi-medium and then took tissue and smooshed it on, all wrinkled and torn. And that’s when I got stuck. What to do now?? And then I thought of Daleks and an idea came to me. (Don’t judge me. My random thoughts are seldom alone.) I made a “cage” from Grunge Paper™! I took a sheet and painted it in a flat black, then I cut ¼ inch strips length-wise. And then this is the tricky part: I eyeballed where I wanted the horizontal rings, and stapled them closed. I then took the remaining strips and eyeballed it again, punching holes where I wanted the brads to hold them vertically.

detail medium tree

Finally, I used Swivel Clasps to hold gears like ornaments. I also used a gear and a pin as the star, with yet another dangling charm.

The tall tree was the most fun to do. I wanted to cover it in a riveted copper look, so I cut a piece of paper the size of the area of the cone, and then applied metal foil tape cut in random pieces to cover it. I then took a pen and made imprints of rivets and dots and lines on each cut out of foil. Then I stained it with alcohol inks, randomly stamping in a mottled effect.

detail tall tree

The gears were cut from Grunge Paper using the gears die from Tim Holtz. I painted them in a pearl white to stand out against the coppery background. I then adhered them with foam dots (which you can see up there in the close-up. Grrrr…). Finally a gear star and dangle were added.

I really like how they came out. I know the tutorial isn’t very specific, but that’s the beauty of Steampunk and Industriality. I’m thinking of making some with Star Wars™ influence for next year!

Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Steampunk Christmas

  1. Nicole says:

    Those came out very cool! I love the small one best. But I really like the details of the rivets and stuff you can see in the close up of the big one.

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