Fun Containment

Well, sorry I have been gone from the blog for so long. November was very busy for me, what with doctor appointments, out-of-town guests, birthdays, and Thanksgiving. But not to worry, I am back! And though it may be a sparse posting for a few weeks due to Christmas, I shall endeavor to post fun stuff for y’all to at least look at, if not outright make!

Last week I was looking for some camo pants that Hubby had in the linen closet, when I came across some of his past Christmas gifts. He is a very, VERY difficult man to shop for, so I was not surprised to see a bag full of new-in-the-box stuff placed in the shelf. Inside the bag were five little stuffed creatures I gave him.

bacteriaYep, I gave him giant microbes. I did say he was difficult to shop for.

Anyway, they are so cute, I wanted to display them somewhere. But they do not go with my glamour decor in my bedroom, so that was out. And I thought of the plethora of Mason jars I own, and manila tags I have, and an idea was born.

specimen jars3


I used a quart size for the flesh-eating bacteria, and a pint for the sleeping sickness virus. I took some manila tags and antiqued them in Vintage Photo distress ink, and tied them around the jars with jute. This took all of five minutes! You can also use pickle jars, or if your kids are young, use plastic jars so that they can play with the microbes, or whatever else you may have around, like Beanie Babies. Yes, I still have those around here. I may do this with some of their old stuffed animals, too. It would be a nice and funny way to display them as well as a great way to keep them clean and dust free.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fun Containment

  1. Nicole says:

    Too cute! And those are actually on the OAM’s list this year but I already got him something. 🙂

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