Halloween Glamour

I am not much for decorating for Halloween. Sure, I dress up, and give out tons of candy. But I prefer to decorate for fall instead of Halloween. This year I wanted to make something more glamourous for the front door. I still have the same old tired grapevine wreath I made when I lived in North Carolina. Back in 2000. Don’t judge me too harshly. That wreath has been a trooper through several moves across the world. But it needs a rest, so I went to Michael’s to check out their holiday flowers and ribbon. I figured a 40% coupon would take me far. Anyway, nothing stood out to me until I got to the Homecoming section and I saw it. The perfect wreath adornment: FEATHER BOAS. Unfortunately, all they had was garish pink, purple, white with black accents, black with tinsel, bordello red (I’m not joking here), electric blue, and a green and yellow combination. Nothing that just shouted AUTUMN. But then I took a close look at the black, and the white. And the kernel of an idea sprouted. I’ll make a glamourous Halloween wreath instead!

wreath supplies

You will need:

  • Foam wreath form, at least 12″ diameter.
  • Several boas, at least 6 ft. each (I used two black and one white).
  • Fake bird, such as an owl, crow, or vulture.
  • Ribbon.
  • Headed pins.

First, take the boas and pin each one next to the other. Then begin to wrap around the form.

wrapping boa

I spread the boa so that you can see how to wrap it around the wreath form. Once you have gotten to the beginning of the wrap, you can pin the boa ends down. If you like, you can just be done with it, but I thought a little vulture would be so appropriate sitting right on the inside! Just pin it down through the feet (papier mache is best for this, but even plastic feet can be pierced by a pin). If you don’t feel pins are enough, you can use hot glue to hold the bird or creature of choice in place. Lastly, just tie a ribbon for hanging.

finished wreath

Isn’t it fluffy!!?? Here’s a close-up of the vulture. It had the sweetest expression of any carrion eater I have ever seen.

wreath close up

Anyway, I hope this has given y’all inspiration to be glamourous this Halloween. I’m thinking an all-white boa wreath with doves might be perfect for winter, too. Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Glamour

  1. Nicole says:

    OMG…. It’s so fluffy!!!!

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