Lovin’ Jarful

I love jars. I do! I use them for so many things around the house. I store spices, cotton swabs, sugar scrub, dried roses, and trinkets for artwork, among other things. I literally cried when I heard about the Ball® Heritage Collection “new” pint jar in the vintage blue color.

ball blue jar


Anyway, yesterday I was perusing my favorite cooking/ baking/ DIY site on the interwebs, Cupcake Rehab, and Marilla had a wonderful DIY post on using mason jars as vases for decor. GENIUS!! I decided to do my own take using paints instead of a Sharpie™ marker to see how well they wear.

jar decor1

You’ll need:

  • Craft paints in your choice of color(s).
  • Pencils.
  • Mason jars, or any sauce, pickle, mayo jars you like.
  • Plastic containers for the paint.
  • Aluminium foil.
  • Cookie sheet.

First, wash the jars in soap and warm water, and dry. Then wipe down the outside of the jars with vinegar or alcohol, letting it air dry. Place foil paper over the cookie sheet. I used wax paper at first and then switched to foil, but you can skip the wax paper completely. This will be your work area so that paint doesn’t get on the cookie sheet. Next, take a pencil, and dip the eraser into the paint.

jar decor2

See what I mean? Just about half the eraser is all you need. Now proceed to “dot” the jar in any pattern you wish. For the frappuccino bottle, I randomly dotted silver metallic paint over it.

jar decor3

For the mayo jar, I was more structured and did a crossways pattern with the gold metallic paint. I think what little OCD I have kicked in.

jar decor4

Whew! Hard part is over! Now….to wait. Let it air dry for an hour, then place in a cold oven, turning the temperature to 350* F (or 180* C for my foreign readers), and once it reaches the desired temperature, bake for thirty minutes. After the timer goes off, simply turn off the oven, and let everything cool down before taking it out of the oven! I can’t stress that enough. Glass must cool down slowly, or it can break. Once cooled to room temperature, you can use in your decor.


I went ahead and tied some jute twine around the necks to give it a more formal rustic feel. Does that even make sense??


I do think the silver dots look a bit washed out, but the gold ones look awesome! I see a lot of these in my future, possibly as wedding favors for my niece’s wedding. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Lovin’ Jarful

  1. Nicole says:

    Formal rustic. Makes perfect sense. It’s what you find at fancy dinners where you wear shirts with your overalls.

  2. Marilla says:


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