Heart of Stone

A few weeks ago I was perusing the internet looking for card inspirations when I ran across the cutest thing:

stone heart

A heart made of pebbles! I thought it was too funny, using stones to make a heart. But sadly, this item was A) from a British website, and 2) no longer available. So I decided to make my own from the junk I have laying around.

pic 1

You’ll need:

  • inks or paints in your choice of colors.
  • small canvas, or frame.
  • pebbles.
  • glue, such as E-6000™.
  • scrapbooking paper, or page from an old book.

Start priming your canvas with whatever paint or ink you wish to use. I used Distress Inks in Old Paper and Weathered Wood to “antique” the canvas. If you are using a frame, you can skip this step.

pic 2

Next, take the page or scrapbooking paper, and antique it. To do this, just tear along the edges of the paper, and then apply dark brown ink along the torn edge. If you have a frame, you can do this, or just age the paper without tearing it. Once you have aged the paper or page of choice, adhere it to the canvas, or to the back of the frame.

pic 4

Ok, this is where I tell you that I messed up with the original paper. But I found another piece that was just as pretty and distressed it to my satisfaction before gluing it to the canvas. See how the brown ink makes the paper look old?? Awesome, huh? Next, make a heart pattern out of spare cardstock, and trace the heart onto the canvas.

pic 5

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can do the heart freehand if you prefer. I just suck at it, so I use a template. Ok, after tracing the heart, begin to fit the pebbles inside it, making sure to fill as much of the heart as you can.

pic 6

I had a lot of these pebbles in zip bags. I had used them in candleholders, and as is my thing, I changed decor yet again. Anyway, keep fitting them in as well as you can, and then glue them down using a strong adhesive like E-6000™, since they are a bit heavy for the paper.

Let it dry for about 24 hours (everything takes 24 hours, doesn’t it), and voilá!!

pic 7

Your very own heart of stone! You can do this with buttons, or glass pebbles, or even beans. If you use any comestibles you may want to seal it. Still, it would make a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any holiday or birthday.

Happy junking!!


2 thoughts on “Heart of Stone

  1. Nicole says:

    So… using macaroni would be a bit VBS, wouldn’t it? 🙂 I think we used to use hairspray to seal those.

    Love the antiqued paper background.

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