Welcome Spring!

I was at the thrift store, where they now know me by first name, and found an old wooden candle holder, looking forlorn among the chipped china. It was a whopping 50 cents, so I decided to take it home, transform it and give it a new purpose in life, and on my mantel.


Look at it: so dated, screaming “1977”. First, I had to paint it. I love the burl of wood, but this needed a nice coat of Espresso paint.


Oooooh, pretty! But I can’t just leave it as is. For one thing, I don’t like exposed candles, and for another, I don’t have any that would fit in the well. So, time to rummage through my dollar store/ old glass/ jar box, and I find the perfect little hurricane vase to fit! So, out comes the E-6000โ„ข.


That’s not an actual marble top table. Hubby “marblelized” that lab table years ago. Anyway, I applied a thin strip around the top of the candle holder, and then attached the hurricane vase, letting it cure for about a day. And…. now I was at a loss. Ok, so it could hold a candle. But I have plenty of candle holders. I wanted to make something different! So, I got a stick from the tree outside, and I cut out a butterfly from a paper stash I have had begging me to be used.


Yes, that’s my kitchen island and I am using my phone camera. I’m not a professional, ok?? Anyway, I took some moss and placed it inside the hurricane, and then placed the stick inside, leaning against the glass shade. I wrapped a ribbon I salvaged from a gift as the finishing touch.


Voilรก!! A perfect “Welcome, Spring!” touch for the mantel. And all it cost was the 50 cents, since I had everything else on hand. It’s amazing the junk you can turn into treasure, huh?

Hope y’all enjoyed it!


6 thoughts on “Welcome Spring!

  1. pajama momma says:

    Can you come over? I have a WHOLE lotta junk.

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